Thursday, September 22, 2011

rest and run

currently at the living room. cant access to the wireless connection at the room. after a week staying here, still feel a bit awkward. honestly, i miss my old college. i mean the OLD one. not the new old... ok, life started to get hectic recently. many things to do yet many things need to be improved day by day. i mean the way i lived. i cant stick to the old habit. u know, sleeping and eating like all the time. here, i must appreciate every single minute, every single second. like rite now, im typing just way too mind flooded by many words and idea yet many stories to be told. unfortunately, i just cant type all of the stories, im lacking of time. like my lecturer always said, time is money for vets. yeah, it is. i cant update my blog everyday because everyday i have to chase for this and that. yeah, ive got stuck by many stuffs rite now. but, i am not going to take it too seriously if not, my head will explode. my seniors said, enjoy every little thing u do. assignments is everywhere, food was so hard to get, money flows like a river, time running so fast, chasing for merits and body cant control the non-stop movement. i guess, i dont have to babble and explain too much about it or else i'll end up in full of anger. and yeah, im being the OLD me like the first sem in asasi. a quiet and shy girl. i guess i have to start get along with the non-asasi students.. hehe. :D

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