Saturday, September 24, 2011


my lecturer said that we need to sleep like 4 hours per day. and we was like... huh? no no.. it supposed to be 6 hours mininum and infinity maximum.. for us laa..and i just realized that its true anyway because i do experienced that 4 hours of half-dead moment recently. sleepy, absolutely.

how about weekend? the so-called 2 days of relaxing and oversleep moment in the morning. nope, there's no more that sweet little moment. i have to accept the fate that i have no weekend and i have to try to throw away the words weekend equal to holiday.

oh yeah, btw, ive got bakti siswa this morning. and it was great when u have many known friends with u in the same group. it was sucks when u have to learn something u're not interested with. i mean like, do i have to suffer another 14 weeks with these stuff? urgghhh... and the strange awkward moment when u also have to force urself to speak in english just to get along with other races. there's no intention towards racism here but, its malaysia man, so, whats wrong speaking in our own language instead of the foreign language. its co-curriculum anyway, not an academic stuffs. ok, im a lil bit mad because i have my tongue twisted whenever i speak in english. its damn awkward.. im more fluent, energetic and talkative when speaks in malay or more specifically sabahan. ok, cut the crap. im criticizing myself too at the same time. haha. because, y cant i write in malay for this blog kan? silly me.

so, looks like i have to really start my revision or i'll end up getting so stress later on. but this, uncountable activities held are giving us hell!seriously, i have to meet up with the others for nonsense but enjoying meeting. its just because i talked too much. when i talk, im enjoying every lil second of that noisy moment. ok, its a sign of im already can mingle around with the non-asasi one. hehehe

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