Sunday, September 4, 2011


school will be re-open tomorrow and the kids have to stop collecting their duit raya for a while. 5 days only kids, and then its weekend, so continue with collecting all those ka-ching. if the house owner still let u in. hahaha. its just too fast. i mean the time. i'll be back to upm in a few days more. but, as a freshie this time. still waiting the result for the degree course. i hope i'll get my first choice #prayinghardly. to sum up, duit raya thun ni x la bnyk, maintain ja, tp rasa mcm xda duit jugak. i have to save for future use anyway, degree life is not the same as foundation. foundation, u got the money from the allowance, degree? whether u're in for the scholarship or u will feel guilty spending the money u borrowed from the government (ptptn) because u just have to pay it back death or alive, its an education debt.

cuteness of my 'fruit son' :P

ouh yeah, 2 of my sis already went back and its just me left here. the survivor. i mean other than 2 of my adiks yg mmg dduk ttap d rumah ni. and my eldest sister will be back here the day i leave to upm. sedih kan. x jmpa my 'fruit son' [anak buah]. hahahaha. dorang beraya dkat mekah. x dpt raya dgn dorang this yr.

one more thing, dlu sebulan sebelum raya sdh main lagu raya, skrg blum smpai sminggu raya kau sda kasi main lagu lain.. hahaha. #pelik

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