Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dam dum doom!

hey u guys, how's raya been doing so far? it must be great rite? mine was dull with that hoo haa and snap2 session but very the gempaks with the food. which make me happy actually. duit raya? my expectation was rite. not that much but im glad with all those foods, again. haha, see how happy i am with foods all around me? im not into kuih raya, but im so in love with those soto, ketupat, kuah kacang and more and more and more.... oh, did i forgot to mention the kek lapis swk? im totally addicted to it. 

while looking at the facebook just now, i found out many ppl have changed their dp alrdy, which was norm for every yr. me? i didnt took any photos on raya. yeah, because im so busy with the foods actually. pagi raya, eating my mum's kuah kacang and ketupat. then, went to my grandpa's house eting soto and kek lapis. balik kampung eating ketupat and chicken curry plus theres one kuih raya made from seaweed and kulit popiah which was so great. its crunchy munchy delicious! until now, i havent ate any real nasi yet. just the ketupat, laksa, burasak and so on...

met few of my old friends today. haziq, farahin, mukrimah, farah, ade. we're growing up. i'll miss them, few hours is not enough to share lotsa stories. all of us gonna pursue our degrees within few days more. and im looking forward to meet the others tomorrow. *hoping. oh yeah, 3 of my friends, whom with me from sung siew until we moved together to mrsm will pursue their degree in medic. oh, they're gonna be a doctor for sure. haziq and aqila doctors-to-be from indonesia and farahin a doctor-to-be from ums. me? just praying i'll get that veterinar courses. *prayinghardly. so, i'll be a doctor from upm. an animal doctor.

im currently trying to ignore all those sound pollution made by the kids in my neighbourhood. they're playing the fireworks, meriam or watsover those things called, non-stop. i wonder where did they got all those things illegally. demyu kids dont u just care boutothers feelings? urghhhhhh.

stolen from farah's blog. farahin, farah, me and mukrimah

p/s: oh yeah, btw, muk said that im getting chubby but my aunt said im getting taller. so, who am i gonna believe to?

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