Thursday, June 16, 2011

lunar eclipse !

16th of june 2011
2.45 am
lunar eclipse

due to some work. i sleep at 1.30 am. we have to draw banners for this weekend events. so, i set my alarm clock up to 2.45 am. i miscalled several of my classmates but only few of them manage to woke up. and ive got the chance to see the early phases of the lunar eclipse. but when it comes to the climax, we cant see anything because of the thick clouds.

see? we cant see anything.

and due to hungriness we sat on the road and eating mi sedap. waiting for the lunar eclipse late pahses to appear. doing some picnic early in the morning.

but, at 4.55 am we see nothing. so, our pengarah program decided to get back to sleep. so, there u go, i continue my sleep until 7 am. and im the one who sleep the most in the class today.

it was a beautiful and unique phenomenon.

ps: still confuse and can u just see it?

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