Monday, June 20, 2011

program jalinan bestari

3 days of.....

ok idk how to describe my weekend. joy, happiness, sadness, tiring.. all mixed up!

being a kakak for all the adiks. unforgettable experience. yes, it was.
ive learn how to train the youngster, talk with them, and share the feeling with them.

my adiks :)

there was so many memories with them. the kids, and most of all the crew and faci. i love this team! i mean it.. so much! got to know my own batch more closely.

the funny part is when i try to make them understand my language, speaking pelat semenanjung, which was not that sedap at all. sgt buruk ok.. until there was one kid asking me,

" eh, akak ni kjap ckp cina kejap ckp indon"

then i was trying to say seronok. and the kids menganjing me.. because my K was so clear.

the saddest part is on saturday nite. the 'crying session', which is a must in every motivation programme. im the one who crying so hard. kalah2 adik2. crying with the sound which was so embarassing. this is because they played the song bout ibu.. and at that time i was homesick.

and when its time to say bye2 to them.. 2 of my adik crying. and im forcing myself not to cry. but, nothing can help it. i can say no more. all of us misses them so so much :')

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  1. I tried so hard mo ckp smenanjung tp last2 tejadi ntah cam give up.hahaha