Tuesday, June 14, 2011

another busy week

dan baru seja habis test last week. and it felt like celebrating the day of freedom. yeah, i did celebrate it by going to the time square and low yat. it was a longgggg day. new dress, new bag and brogues. ngee ^^,

and this week, i have to spend my weekend with the kids. standard 6 students. again, ive no free time. but, i cant wait to see them!. just now we've practised the games and have a lil briefing bout this event and yeah, it was so exciting! im gonna get 2 students as adik angkat. now, i just have to practice being a gooooood sis. before this also good la, but not good enough.. hehehehe

ps: and i just dont understand why certain ppl dont have that sense of responsibility and respect. and also doesnt have the sense of feeling towards others.

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