Monday, May 2, 2011

now i know

apa saja fbi? what the heck was that? that was my first reaction right after my friends said that word. they need about 30 to 40 ppl to be the audience for the talkshow. at first, i was like.. oh, thats not important. my test 2 is way too important. and ive got tons of assignments! but a day before the recording, my friends asked the whole class once again, who wanna be the audience. got free foods, allowance and others. so, i decide to go. why did i changed my mind? its bcause, this is the only opportunity ive got to know the secrets bout broadcasting world. yeah, i know there's so much more we have to know behind the scenes.

it was a long day at the studio. from evening till nyte. yeah, now i know what were they doin behind the scenes.. ehehe..and i can see many shots of me and my friends faces. LOL

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