Sunday, April 17, 2011

jogging or durian-ing?

it was a miracle when ppl saw me at bukit ekspo. because i dont like to jog. its just because i wanna go to the fudkot. thats why i follow my friends to go and have some evening walk. apart from that, we also grab this chance to seek for durians. yeah, kempunan durian. huhu

saw this for the very first time. buah mentega. it was so hard. as hard as a stone.

the so-called bukit ekspo. it was a very nice place. all u can see is nature :)

thats durian trees.. yeah, we found nothing except for empty durians. huhu

see? got hole alrdy. must b the squirrel have eaten it

can u see that 3 durians hanging? ystrday i saw 4.

conclusion~ im starving for durians =.='

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  1. I like the 7th picture the most... btw,all nice pics in this blog;)