Thursday, April 28, 2011

im free from books!

its official! im free from books. but, for only a week la. after that have to continue on sleeping with the books. it was too fast. sem 2 is over. i have only one week holiday before the 3rd sem starts. the most important thing is, IM COMING HOME! after 4 months stranded here, finally im goin back.. yeah!!.. ok, i didnt do my packing yet. and, i cant wait to fly with airasia. this was my first time flying with airasia alone. ok, im off to pack all my things before its too late :) happy holiday aspers!


  1. good luck 4 dhe result the...hehe
    seminggu je korang cuti kan..

  2. hehe.. thanks. a'ah, seminggu ja.. huhu..sgt lame..=.=