Saturday, April 16, 2011

9 days before final

officially free from everything except for the final exam. yeah, i felt like a dumbass while doing the muet. muet reading went very well, i have extra 10 mins to recheck my answers, but i kept on yawning. i dont know why. but it seems like the passages given is like a sleeping pill. for muet writing, i only have extra 5 mins to recheck on my writings. the second question is about friendship. im a bit lost bout the point. but i put my hopes on the writings rite now. muet listening? i have dug up my ears early this morning with hopes i can listen to the audio clearly. unfortunately, the computer speaker kept on making problems. yeah, all of us were so annoyed and the examiner ask us to be patient. she said "god tested all of us". yeah. but she said we should feel very lucky because we can listen to the audio many time. so, there is pros and cons. but i still dont know whether i wrote the rite answers. but we've done with it after 1 hr 30 mins.. urghh.. its a long day for us... wtvr it is, i have to start off with my revision right now. 9 days is just like a blink of eye. and then, im coming home. thats the best part of all. so, yeah.. i will get rid of any bad temptation like keep on login to any social networks. and yeah, i'll definitely control my overslept habits. wish me luck then! :D

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