Monday, April 11, 2011

final week :(

hey hey, its the final week of lecture. final presentation, final lab practical. dont u feel happy? dont u feel like breaking free? dont u feel like a bird? tettt.. no! its the final week, meaning that 2 weeks before the battle for the 2nd sem final exam. huhu.. im freaking out rite now. i didnt start with the 'serious' revision yet. yeah, thanks a lot to the laziness. my last presentation which is english is the worst presentation. yeah the worst. because i didnt take it seriously and i didnt prepared that much. ok, but the most IMPORTANT thing to highlight here is, these days was the last days for sem 2. last moment with my dearest kuliahmate, roomate probably. huhu... but, hey, we didnt separate for a long time. just a week. because we only gonna have our holiday for a week. thats pathetic. but yeah, i will miss our time together during this 2nd semester. and 'thanks' for choosing me as the assistant for the class rep for the next 3rd sem, 'im happy' (tgn di bahu, mata ke atas) u know what i mean.. hahaha.. ok, i'll take this as a responsibility and i'll never put ur hopes and trust down. but still i think im not qualified enough for this, but yeah, i'll try my best. oh yeah, i still got muet reading, writing and listening. wish me luck luck! :D
hoho. sentap

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