Saturday, April 2, 2011

gold sweat

im doing my best for every duty that has been asked. they put trust on me and im trying very hard to do my best :) so, im not goin to babble about tiredness, exhausted and all that. because i know thats what it mean by sacrifice. not only me but also everyone around me. thanks for helping me. i know they were tired also, but still have the willing to help me. and thats what really happened on me during this week. i spend my day and night preparing for many things. and im not gonna regret or say it was such a waste. because i know that everything we do is through an honesty. im gonna post bout what happen today, SUKANEKA ASPER 2011, on the other time. it was a very memorable moment for all of us in here. im happy. i mean it. ive nvr been this happier. i think our hardwork pays. it was such a nice job. as ajk hadiah yg lame, im satisfied wit my work. sorry to my boss, laisha and zahir if i have made mistakes. hehe.. i know i have been the worst yet helpful anak buah.. ngehh :D. (suka krja last minute) ok, im tired, im gonna pay my sleep debt for the whole week. :)

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