Thursday, March 31, 2011

toodles march :)

hey hey hey april. how are u? its nice meeting u. i hope we can cope with each other. march left me with so much memories that i will never forget. although march makes my heart break, my tears running down everyday, but i still love march.

what happened on march? my test 2. its a bit worst, but at least i manage to improve few subjects. march makes me facing with lotsa stress. which was unbearable to me. i try and i almost give up. after test i got tons of assignment. plus, i need to prepare myself for the final exam. oh, and it will not end in march. to be continued on april.

yesterday, on the last day of march, ive been so tired, exhausted and ive never been that busy. until at a sec, i feel like such a loser. nvm. im not goin to talk bout that. but, i had a great day with all the ppl that make me laugh everyday.

so, i hope i can really cope with april as i will face many things such as, muet, oral presenatation, assignments and exam! ok, im so scared rite now. ngeee ;p

this photo was taken during boredom. or i can say during the stressful time. its not mine, its my friend's bottles, friend next door. i was lying on her bed one day, and saw many types of bottles were arranged in random position at the top of her locker. it was so cute. yeah, i think its cute and nice.

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