Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the sun rise and the sun set happily

finally, i saw the sun shines brightly through my window. i woke up early this morning with a great big smile. woke up a lil bit late but still so energetic to continue with my biology. ive learned so much about photosynthesis today. so, do u guys have really thanked to the green around us for providing us oxygen to keep us continue breathing? have u guys thanked them for a good scenery that they provided to us everyday? have u guys thanked them for the green colour they produce from the chlorophyll pigment that reflect the green colour through the absorption spectrum? have u guys wonder how the fire can be lighten up without photorespiration from C3 plants to occur? ok, i dont know what am i talking bout. but, i really appreciate them, actually not them, but the GOD. The creator that made all of this beautiful, unique and beneficial things for human being. subhanallah. awe is what i can say for now.

so, ive read the news, blogs and all types of sources bout what happened in egypt now. im following every updates bout egypt since the first day it happened. and all i can do is praying. there's a lot of my friends there and im worried bout their safety. lets pray for all of them there guys. lets pray for the end of this riot.

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