Wednesday, February 2, 2011

paint ur own colour dude!

geez.. im having chemist sickness rite now. spending my time on the chemistry black and white notes. so, i decide to make my own notes. the colourful one. i know it takes so much time. but my own notes will be beneficial to me until the end of sem 2. its worth it anyway.

so, the above photo taken by a noobies, which is ME. due to boredom. late at evening, while waiting for maghrib. the atmosphere exposed to open burning, to kill the mosquitoes, presumably. (last nite i saw a big mosquitoes! as big as 0.5cm, presumably). and my clothes hanging outside, aiyaa.. the particles of the smoke attached to my clothes and it smells so bad. luckily only some part of my clothes. not all.. if not, im gonna sue them. there's a bundle of my clothes outside and i dont wanna waste my energy again to re-wash them.

so, i saw this view from the top. from the veranda in front of my room. i was looking at the late evening scenery around my college. the sky, cloud and the sun mixed up well! but, i was too late to capture the beauty of it. so, i looked down the road and thought that this was perfect! the colours, persppective, lines, divison and every detail of the road. u might think im weird but i really saw beauty in this road. zebra sideroad, grey road, green grass, and the patterned tiles. they went just perfect for me. but i know this photo really shows how noob i am rite? gahh. i dont care

nothing special today. its another ordinary day. and the students are coming back one by one. ok, this college will be noisy again soon. and the time passed like F1 car. so fast! my holiday (erk holiday?) will end up in few more days. after holiday, i will sit for test 1!
i have to ready with my guns and bullet. i dont wanna lose in this battle like i used to before. gahh!

its cny eve! and happy chinese new year! i want mandarin oranges!
(i remember when i was little i used to chase on the lion dance)

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