Wednesday, February 2, 2011

stop the sound pollution

im finished watching ip man on tv3. i was so excited watching it. action movie is my food. and im full of it! haah. im shouting and expressing my emotion like never before. yeah.. it was superb! im nearly cry watching it. geez. emo me. so, tomorrow cant wait to watch cj7. a cute lil greeny hairy creature. im gonna watch it for idk how many times already. countless. another emo drama.

so, as i stepped out from the door i can hear lots of fireworks. yep. HEAR only. i cant see any of them. they make noise since few days ago. aiyaa.. cant sleep peacefully. u know, i felt like there was a bomb everywhere. it was so loud and many of them. yeap a bit scary. plus, i just finished watching nightline. news bout egypt. gosh, im so coward.

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