Thursday, February 3, 2011

my cny celebration?

today, im hanging out with my sis, bro-in-law, nephew, and sarah with the pinky myvi. erk?
so, we went to pavi, ikea, and the curve. im fasting. not just fasting from food, but also shopping! went to zara, ralph lauren, etc. but all that i can do is just watching. oh nooo.. zara's shoes was incredibly temptating. i wish i have lots of money. but, this is all bout the lust. so, guess what? i only bought a fragrance sachets-lavender also a socks from daiso. alah, the japan rm5 stuffs. ngehh. just watching my sis shopped for today. anyways, thanx to my sis for the ride, and thanx for the vivo (i was so full!, the chicken mushroom baked rice and choco marsmallow was great!) so, ive bump into 2 famous person, awal ashaari and hotFM dj, ikhwan if im not mistaken. awal ashaari was way too macho. with metrosexual style. he's charming! ngehh.. i was just beside him. hello?! BESIDE ok. gahh.. he was tall. but, im not his fanatic fan. me and sarah followed him from behind! hahaha. stalker.

my nephew. bold head. gahh.. so cute of him. aniq will be 2 months in few more days. he was chubby, fair and her eyes a lil bit sepet. his father's family genetic presumably

outside the curve.

snap snap. all the way from the curve toilet. gahh

the curve provide a comfy couch to just sit but im nearly sleep on it.. hahaha

cny at the curve

i saw many chinese today at pavillion. and maybe they were here to shop after celebrating cny with their family

p/s: im so confused. bila mau balek raya ni. tiket mahal. adapun tiket murah malam raya. aisehh.. kilik betul

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