Friday, February 4, 2011


do u know that i hate to buy a file? i dont mind if u dont wanna know btw. feel free to go. gahh. ok, so as a foundation student here in asper, we were given so many notes in form of paper. pity all the trees. also tutorials, lab report, etc etc. to make everything looks proper, neat, organized, we have to put them according to the subjects for sure rite? but, im the one who thought that buying files is a waste. so, what did i do?

yeah! im using the brocures and pamphlets to separate and put the papers into the right subject. i like to collect brochures and pamphlets. just check my drawer, bookcase. there's full of colourful brochures and pamphlets from shopping mall, pc fair, etc. see. im reusing all the papers. so, does that mean i care bout the environment? or a stingy person? lalalala.. do i look like one? wtvr. gahh. ;p

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