Saturday, February 5, 2011

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wish me luck for my test 1. which also plays an important part for my pointer. this week will be tested on chem, maths and bio. 3 heavy subject that i'd always spoiled since i was in high school. this is based on true story ok. huhu and also english we have oral speaking. pronounce the words correctly, precisely, fluently. geez, im also failed to speak english infront of ppl. my tongue twisted. i dont pronounce 'R' in a correct way. gahh. ok, no worries, no biggies, i can do it! hah

oh yeah, i also like to proposed these matter, can the administration office provide mr. google for us? hahaha. silly me. im too dependable on googlie google actlly. u know how i study? im lazy to check the answers from the book, so, i just googled them straight away. easy maa

so, tomorrow is sunday, then, monday. yeah, i will go back to the cold and stressful condition again. called a class. hah.

p/s: ive got ticket for raya. on raya eve! huuu. nvm, thankful for that. at least ive got the cheapest one. not really cheap, but, still the cheapest hundreds. ngehh

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parachute band
bruno mars
lady antebelllum
michael buble
taylor swift

*different ppl different taste

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