Monday, January 31, 2011


ive listened to flyFM every nite and tonite is my luckiest nite! hahaha. flyFM got some quiz and the listener's have to answer via twitter. so, im readily logged on to my twitter. i dont have any intention to participate or even win. but, im bored and my fingers were so itchy to type the answer. so, the question, "who is the footballer i mention just now?". i know the answer, so i just simply tweet "david Beckham!" with worries of spelling error. hehe. then, i hit on the tweet button. so, there u go. without knowing what will happen next, without knowing whats the prize, terms and conditions and all that. i start to dream if i am the winner. few minutes later, the DJ annonce the winner and i dont know why am i so excited. and then, he said, "the fastest to tweet the answer is nabila sarkawi". mesmerized for a while. smile and then scream like hell! hahah.. sarah was eager to know what happen. i told her everything and she's laughing at me. ness texted me just a minute after my name was announced. she's listening to flyFM too.. gahh.. i cant stop smiling. hahaha.. its the funniest thing ever! hahaha.

flyFM called me and asked my adress.. simply gave my college adress.. haha the funniest moment is when i asked the dj "er..can i ask something? what's the prize?" and he replied me "its a cd from pink". and i said "ouh, ok. actlly i dont know whats the prize is.. i dont know anything..hahah". he said, "nvm, its a good job btw" . so, there u go once again.. blushing and keep blushing until now. overexcited. poyo me! :p my first time btw. hehe

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