Saturday, February 26, 2011

the money always flow from the ancestor

money affect us greatly in everyday lives. everywhere we go, its all bout penny, bucks, dime, coins and etc. money doesnt guarantee a blissful life, but sometimes it does. ok, lets get down to bussiness.

money can make someone full of conceit, haughtily. they think they have the power and they can buy everything including ppl's attention. stop talking bout the money and all the expensive things, we're not interested at all. its beyond our capability. u have many clothes hung in the closet, the rm300 one hung beside the rm30 one. its just the same. u placed it on a par. there's no difference lah.

the hot chick, walking down the street with price tags on her body. all from different boutiques. Zara, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren. LV. the other friend also looks hot like her. but the different was, the friend, put on the cheap one. the friend wanna look like the high maintainance friend. yes, she did it. but, she is trying to be someone else. pretend to be someone else. just to make others perception equal to her friend. she followed everything bout her. until, she didnt realize its actlly killing her own self. dear friend, u have to be just the way u are. u are beautiful in ur own way. be honest to life.

guys, the money is actlly the property of our parents, its not belong to us. unless we are working for it. the ancestors of us working hard for the money, for the sake of their next generation. its a reminder for me and all of us actlly. money wont bring u success, love, happiness and relationship. if yes, ur pointing to the wrong direction.


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  1. Hahahahahaha....
    Bill Gates should come to Malaysia. We don't normally give tips to anyone over here.
    Money from ancestor doesn't mean that the money will be staying with you forever. If you don't know how to manage it. it will be gone one day.