Friday, February 25, 2011

sun shine saturday

by the time i write this post, my friends told me that test 2 will be held on 7th of mac. what the ^&%^%? but the admin still working on to postpone the test. i hope they did it. if not, my test 2 will be a disaster!

the sun did shine the saturday but it fails to shine me.

plan to go out for an outing today. i wanna help my friend to buy her necessities. and i saw many ppl dressing up 'vintagely' today. probably, they wanna go shop for the dinner. ok, guys good luck with ur shopping.

and not to forget my friends who were having their nice and sweet nap at their comfy bed at home rite now. many of my friends safely arrived at their home yesterday. u guys pissed me off ok. good luck in exploring ur closets to find the perfect dress for dinner.

i need to start my revision.

p/s: cant wait for my family next week!


  1. good luck for the test!
    finish up your asasi for degree...
    degree is much more exciting...!

  2. thank u senior! :)cant wait for it!