Tuesday, March 1, 2011

toughest week :|

im wrapping up myself with a thick blanket. im trying to make my tummy full of food. im closing my eyes from the world distractions. im shutting my mouth from uneasy word. im putting on the earphone and heal my soul with all genres of music. im numb. all my 5 unique and wonderful senses disfunction for a while. only, the 6th sense allowed to work. allowed to do its work. which is to listen. to see, to hear, to feel and to taste everything around me. because its the only sense i believe and trust.

im trying to open every pages of book i created, every inch of paragraph, every inch of words. but i found nothing. im lost. really lost. and then,i decided to open the others book. that created by the real writers. i found something bout life. life full of wonders, life full of story that not yet to be discovered. and from there, i try to learn.

thanx to the bio lecturer for making me realize more bout life. life is about simplicity. live simple, but dont be too simple or u ended up being bloodyful. good quotes u have there en. zul. and he told us bout respect. why do u respect ppl? respect others because of ourselves. not because of the person. love them, then u called that respect. if not, what for u respect the person if u dont have the love. such a waste. and respect is one of our obligation to do so.

this is my condition for now. couple of weeks before test 2. a procrastinator. and dear abah, dear ibu, ur daughter here wasting too much money on food. believe it. her money didnt go for any shopping. but, she bought too many food everyday. yes, ur daughter was so in tense with her misery life here. sorry :'( i'll promise to make u proud and i'll try my best to prove it! ok! and i hope to see u guys this week. insya-allah. if u guys have time ok. do visit me here :'( but dont worry ur daughter still maintain. her weight is still the same although consuming too much of food. im still the old one

the history have been repeated all over again =.=

p/s: gonna need some movies to watch. badly.

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