Tuesday, January 25, 2011

rat dissection

briefing from en.zul. then a demonstration by a demonstrator. im so excited watching him cutting the white rat so neat and perfect.

preparing the dissecting set.

the cutie white rat. sorry i have to naked u out for the sake of my future! ngahhh..

tadaaaa... i did it! without any leaking of the capillaries. err.. i guess so

cutting out the intestines, caecum and duodenum parts. err.. (if im not mistaken) ;p

rat without intestines.

this is the liver part. ok, i like to eat chicken liver but not rat liver

see the arrow, as i was checking on urogenital systems, the shits coming out, maybe im pressing it too hard... gahhh

friend 1 : pasni beli nasi je lah dkat foodcourt. jimat dah
friend 2 : hantar dkat makteh pasni buat msak tomyam

geez.. they're making fun of it just to make this thing fun!

so, im nearly end up with throwing up after the demonstrator finished with the demonstration. luckily, im going out and buying some sweets for emergency case. and first i was so scared to touch the rat although i wear a glove. but at the end, i was the one who is so excited bout it especially the blowing part. we have to cut and blow the trachea to see the lungs expand. and it was the best part after all.. im blowing it so many times. can u guess what types of rat that i've messed up? its a male rat! ngahh..observe the pic carefully and u will find out by urself... but today makes me feel like "i wanna take vet, i wanna take vet" but thinking of the snake thingy, makes me weak again.. aiyaaa...daa.. seems like im over excited to this thing.. and i cant wait for th and e next dissection. ngahh.. im gonna have some sleep. tomorrow have a visits to MPOB/PORIM at Bangi. xoxo

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