Wednesday, January 26, 2011

visit to MPOB/PORIM

visit to MPOB/PORIM at bndr baru bangi with my beloved k4 family. it was a great day. i mean, another great day. i cant type too much. i think these photos can describe all. but, this is only less than half of the photos that i grab from my friends. i dont capture too much as im so busy chasing and appear on others camera.. gahhh.. such a camwhore. my eyes gets swollen today and my eyes looks a bit sepet. ignore that. many information that we've got. i tell u, oil palm was superb and ppl behind the developmeant of oil palm was awesome too. suddenly, im in love with biotech.. erk? im changing my career again... noooo

ok, so ive deactivated my fb, so i cant explore more pics, i have to get all the pics from every photographer by myself. sorry for those who have tagged me or searching for me. im no longer there. u can find me here. im here veryday. its kinda trouble me actually.. its for my own goodness though...but i still can stop myself from any temptation of fb. i didn't reactivate it yet.. maybe after the test. i think so..

enjoy this non-edited version photos
(because im kinda lazy to do editing. i still have many works to do)

before going to the bustop.

*courtesy of aifa

at the bustop. so, the bus arrived around 8.45 and we were here from 8.00, gahh.. luckily we have so many photographer. camwhoring time!

*courtesy of suha

mandarin orange given for free from biro perpaduan. ngehehe.. macro shot from SE cybershot model.. its an amateur shot from me

*courtesy of qilah

while do some visiting at the showroom something.. snap snap!

*courtesy of aifa

another macro shots from me. an artificial pizza. it looks like a real pizzas! and now, im craving for pizza's.. not againn..

*courtesy of qilah

me and quri looking at the oil palm.... i dont what it is actually.. ok, forget bout it.. snap!

*courtesy of pika

another macro shots from an amateur

*courtesy of qilah

makan time! yeah.. best part of all.. after that snap snap with khalie and aini. thanx infocafe for such a big mirror and good lighting! gaaahhh (then, i realize my eyes swollen too much) huhu

*courtesy of pika

finish visiting. again, time to take photos! thanx mpob for a beautiful place that u've made. it makes us wanna take more and more photos. we cant just stand and sit still. we must have something to do with camera every single seconds. ;p

*courtesy of suha

group photos. incomplete. danny was absent

*courtesy of aifa

me and khalie. in front of the main entrance (i guess so). waiting for them. still shop and camwhoring here and there..

*courtesy of my phone

future model.. gahhh. ;p this is call one leg pose. gedikness. haha

*courtesy of aifa

last but not least, photoshoot at bukit ekspo. love 'em

*courtesy of hanafi

so, thats all.. cant upload more. im yawning rite now.. gahh..
to sum up, im TIRED today. very tired. i need a holiday.. huaaaa

p/s: homesick mode is on! i wanna go home. im tired of crying everyday. huhu


  1. thanks nab. really like your blog.... 1st time see your blog...balkis