Sunday, January 2, 2011

monday blues

my alarm rang.. grrr.. the time shows 5.30 am. i saw my roomate woke up alrdy. but still lay down on her bed, walking in her partition.. im still lazy to walk to the toilet.. so, for 20 mins im still on my bed thinking what will happen for today.. gahh... so, like usual, the first day everyone will be going to class early.. and it is! haha.. just wait for next week, everyone will arrive at the very last minute of class.. nothing happens today.. just a short briefing for every classes. the maths lecturer taught a bit bout the basic of function and im yawning for so many times in front of him.. hahaha.. im daydreaming again.. im sitting on the front like usual.. then, for chemist, the lecturers file affected by some sort of virus so he cant opened his file.. then, no class for chemist! hahaha.. just a short briefing then he told us stories bout himself. i like ur english accent sir! hehe.. and its my first time not sitting at the front because the boys arrive at the lecture hall first! im so angry with it. my eyes got blurred recently so i cant see clearly at the back. gahh.. so, the class end up early.. im having my lunch at the cafe and then rushing to the office to check on my results. sadly, i didnt hit my target. that means, im not qualified for dean's list which required 3.75 above. but i still manage to be above 3.5... average.. gahh.. im dissapointed but at the same time im so thankful... gahhh.. then, waiting for physics class.. for 2 hrs... im talking talking and talking.. so many stories to share with my friends.. im tired of talking.. so physics class also cancel.. thx for another free time that u give sir.. i wanna watch a movie to heal my pain inside.. be thankful nabila!


  1. math tu buat elok2 sem 2 n 3..senang dari sem 1 sebenarnya...saya dulu sem 1 dpat 3.42 je..math dpat C..sem 1 susah sket lecturer nak bg markah...

  2. oh yakah.. klu gitu mau bt the best la tuk sem 2 and sem 3! thx senior! :)