Sunday, January 2, 2011

im here alrdy

im in my bed singing on alicia, taylor, old songs.. i wanna have a beauty sleep for tonite as i have a whole day class for tomorrow. non-stop. i hope my brain can regenerate back.. dear brain, i need u to rock for tomorrow.. hahaha.. new lecterures, new syllabus, new schedule with the same old classmates.. give me some strength for tommorow dear allah... im feeling dizzy now.. unpacking all my stuffs. seriously, i tell u i have the most stuffs here.. gahh.. im thinking how it will be when i have to pack all these back.. nahh.. just forget bout it... im walking on the office just now with full of blurrrrnesss.. hahaha.. i dont know which counter to go.. gahh.. the seniors also felt blurred looking at me.. so, i go up and down the stairs for 4 TIMES! from ground for to level 4.. and i look slimmer sda kali.. hahaha.. im spreading the twitter viruses to my roomates.. hahaha.. thx to my roomates for carrying my bags and boxes.. i guess all of my stuffs got 6 or 7 like that.. and they carried all of them from the store at level 2 from level 4.. im touched! hahaha.. thx to sarah for helping me while im unpacking all my stuffs. she help me cleaning out my closets.. gahh.. i owe u dude.. haha.. ok, im such a kiddy kan.. still need their help for this eenie mineey matter.. my closets looks nice.. but just see in a week later.. everything messed up!.. shameful me for that.. so, officially i have less time to spend on my lappy aftr this.. huhu.. oh yeah, i miss my silat guys.. i really miss them!.. chatting with carrie junior last nite and he misses us the silat seniors to.. he said that silat is no longer active like it used to before when we still on it. gahh.. hope too see u guys soon...

im talking a lot today.. many stories to be shared with dear roomates.

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