Sunday, January 23, 2011

glued to the screen just because of badminton

im so excited to tweet about badminton thingy since 4 hours ago! can u believe it. yeah, im staying at the bilik tv since 3 or 4 like that just to watch chong wei against taufik hidayat.
waiting and waiting. they were the last one to play. dem.

ok2, lemme tell u.. throughout the match, there's a senior watching with us. 5th batch of asper. i know her but i forgot her name. sori kakak! kikiki..

kakak : nabila kan?
me : a'ah
kakak : silat kan?
me : a'ah tp dah quit
kakak : ouh.. patut r nmpk kwn2 je.. awk tak nmpk plak. knpa quit?
me : kaki ada problem, tak boleh main lg r (tett... klu p shopping ok jak ni kaki)

me : kakak ambik degree apa?
kakak : vet.
me : (terdiam akibat terlalu kagum).. ouh.. knpa stay cni?
kakak: ada meeting silat, mlm nnt tkut takde bas..
me: ouh... brpa org ambik vet thun ni?
kakak ; rmai jugak.. 26 org gtu
me : (kagum skali lgi) rmaiiii... nak ambik vet jugak tp takut, rmai org kta susah
kakak : suma fakulti pn susah sbnrnya..
me : a'ah.. medic ada org ambik?
kakak : xda.. sbbx open lgk.. bnyk yg apply tp dpt biomedic.
me : ouh..
kakak : skrg ni pn rmai fakulti berbeut nak ambik budak asasi.....x nak ambik medic ke?
me : tu laa.. ada jugak tepikir tp, taklaa

really impressed with my senior :)
busy is not an excuse
as long as there is will and determination
everything's gonna be beyond expectation.

just like when playing badminton.
it's the mindset that determines all
if u think u can, so, u really can!
dont make silly excuses to get out from your own mistakes.

back to badminton that i've watched just now.
it was great but im not too excited
i dont know why
as i was expected, chong wei won!
and im waiting for korea open soon :)
to taufik hidayat, u're the coolest competitor ever!
still can smile and laugh with chong wei although u lose the game.
i love both!

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