Monday, January 24, 2011

my brain was exhausted

ive got maths to solve
ive got chemist practical and physics practical to do
ive got biology report, physics report and chemistry report to finish
physics tutorial and chemist tutorial to present
tomorrow got rat dissection, meaning ive to do some killing to the cutie white rat
oh no
my brain is working too hard i guess.

my PA (penasihat akademik doing some review on my sem 1 results)

him : result.. mmm ok.. lepas
me : hehe
him : target sem 1 brpe?
me : 3.8 bgtu
him : ouh.. sem 2?
me : 4.0
him :ermm.. nak ambik ape degree nnt?
me : vet atau biomedic kot (erk? aku trlpas ckp)
him : ouh.. biomedic 3.9 ke atas..

and.. he start to calculate bout the pointer thingy. i keep smiling and say nothing. thx dr, for helping me targetting my pointer. i should get more than 3.8 for sem 2 and sem 3 if i wanna be safe for degree. ngahhh.. i cant wait for bio lab tomorrow! im gonna turn you into pieces ratty! gahh.. *evil mode (pdhal ketakutan mau mmpus sdh!)

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