Tuesday, December 28, 2010

tiring tuesday

my legs are everywhere. my slippers worn out. my tummy is in pain. what a day....

my sis and my cousins were sick! ok, that's it.. no masjid india i thought, but then my uncle was waiting for us and didnt know anything bout the cancellation. luckily, im in a good mood and masjid india will be mine! hahaha.. ok, so, i became a bad tourist guide. forgot the road. not sure where to go, but im also the saviour of the day. from end to end we walked through. my aunt carrying a baby. 2 naughty kids. its tired! but again, i wanna say that sales are everywhere! promise myself to only be a tourist guide but i broke it when it comes to sale at Sogo! sorry dear self. ehehe.. but i only bought 1 cheetah shirt that cost me only rm18! what the heck is goin on. am i dreaming? im so gonna buy it...and im snatching it with the other macik2. hehe.. i have 4 days left to search for my sneakers. the only thing left that i wanted all this time. it cost me lots of time searching for it everywhere but still, i didnt met the one.

my parents, my lil sis and lil bro went for a dinner with maher zain just now at the summit hotel subang jaya. ok, im jealous, i refuse to go because i thought my lil sis and bro needs it much more than me. there's only 4 tickets so, sacrifices indeed.

i've finished with the cleo today and readers digest waiting for tomorrow. i like the free readers digest diary planning. in short, i like freebies! haha

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