Wednesday, October 6, 2010


finally, test 2 is over!! feels like i want to scream like hell rite now. hahaha

but wait. i have tons of assignment n i need to prepare for 3 presentation. did i just mention bout presentation? oh no! i will be so dead. standing at the front and talking formally was not me at all. i will be so so shy for sure. huhu

and i now im struggling to watch movies and drama. isnt that pathetic. less than a month will be the final exam, but i still do nothing!.

ok, thanx to my roomate and classmate for spreading the koreans viruses. i am so addicted to them rite now. but not that obsessed towards them laa... i am on my way to watch boys over flower... so late rite? haha.. dun care. i like this guy, kim-bum! hahaha

nothing to display bout pic above. just to show how happy my classmate to go out and do some activity at the forest.

p/s: homesick!

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