Saturday, October 16, 2010

so thankful

ive already got my 2nd test results. and i am so so thankful. my english mark is not that incredible. english is the only one decreases. but still, i got 70+ for it. the other subjects for now is improving. except physics, i heard that our results once again brought dissapoinment to the lcturer.

chemist, bio and maths i got 70+ also. only agriclture do help me a lot, which is around 90+. but, for agri actually im not that happy. many of my friends manage to get 99. isn't that like..... ok, i dont know what to say.

this results enough for making me so thankful. finally, im improved! i hope this will be a platform for me to do my very best for final exam which is just less than a month. ok, i didt start stdy yet, still sleeping in the class... huh! i need a wake up call!

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