Saturday, October 16, 2010

shopaholic, fashionista, food mania??

thanks for allowed me to link on blogspot dear mr. wireless. all this time you make me suffers a lot. huhu

thursday= goin kfc, bought many foods and drinks. goin food fair, bought chocolates

friday= goin for an expo, bought foods, shawls

saturday= goin midvalley, bought a cup of baskin robbins, dinner at kenny rogers, 2 dresses

sunday=goin to the same expo again, bought 1 shirts, bangle, and of course foods

monday= goin classes.

tuesday=goin for the same expo again, bought a skirts, and foods

wednesday= goin for the same expo again, bought a purse and foods!!!

the sequence shows the whole week ive been shop for foods and a few stuffs. also i have to pay on block shirts, muet, dissecting sets and others. looks like i used much money here. huhu. im such a big spender...i dont want to go out again....

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