Saturday, October 2, 2010

still on raya mode?

raya this year as i expected, was a bit dull. but my collection of duit raya was increased!

i was home a week before raya. and that week before raya, evrbdy was busy making kuih, kek, bla bla bla...while i was in front of the tv doing homework doing my assignment.

i was homesick again when i come back to this stressful environment. our test was a week after the holiday, and i dont revise anything yet. test 2 was very important to me as i have screwed up my test 1. and now im here stdying chemistry and physics but still have time to blogging.. what a wate of time. physics really killing me softly last nite. chemistry???? have a lots of thing to be remember.
these last 2 paper is going to be screwed up later. last week, bi, maths, bio and agri was a bit dissapointed. i manage to answer all. but i dont know whether i can score them or not. we expect higher level of question, but it end up with very basic and easy question! so so pathetic..... we didnt even focus on the basic part!

on saturday, we have college raya celebration. it was so-so.... meaning not that fun nor bored. the food (nasi minyak) have finished. so, we end up eating only ketupat. me and my roomates were still hungry after that.

next week still have kuliah raya celebratin with our beloved maths lecturer.

oh ya! our pesta jagung was great! plant the maize,harvest the maize, cut it, cook it, eat it, tapau it... all done by ourselves!... it was a satisfaction!

i have went to hutan ayer hitam puchong last week. it was so so fun. i can discover the nature. (but some staf do smoking so so we can smell the smoke instead of fresh air) i miss hutan at sabah!!!!

there is still a month before FINAL EXAM!!! i am so so gonna be a dead meat. but my seniors said that final was more easy than test. crossing finger on that.

my life here was not that fun. ive got nice friends here but my heart left at my hometown. i miss my family, old friends and the tv for sure! i hope i can meet my old friends next week.

p/s: im losing weight since puasa??? perggghhhhh... i will find my weight back!!!!!

stop blogging for a while, after test have lots of assignment again and preparation for final exam. lots of presentation also!

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