Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mid-sem break

ive got tons of assignment also notes waiting to be touch, look n read. im trying hard to run away from all the temptation n bad influences. ok.. but i surrender... sony bravia, astro beyond, psp, nice and comfy bed... i fall in love wit them.. what more can i do?

this yr i got 4 bju kurung. i alrdy got duit raya, n what more i wanna wait? of course, the food!

i dont know what will happen to my test 2.. i dont revise anything yet.. very busy working wit my assignment, sleeping.. omaigat! im so darn panicky rite now..

anyway, happy eid n sori zahir batin if i done anything wrong :) enjoy raya n do eat a lot! no worries of gaining weight.. thats normal (excpt 4 me) huhu...

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