Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i continue to blogging, after having the worst sleep ever..

its bcause of the nescafe, then, to many worries n thoughts in me

that makes me sleep for only a moment..

i woke up this morning with a repeated sound in my stomach, signs of hungry..

im sleeping in the living room, at the sofa.. get myself up, then walk into the kitchen to find something for breakfast.. guess what, im almost fainted... i almost fall into the floor, but i manage to sit on the floor for a while, this is because, i didnt eat anything except for buns since yesterday. its all bcause of thinking too much of my problems..haisyy..

then, i try to stand, yes, i can stand but again, while i want to make my milo, i feel like fainted again.. but thankfully, nothing happen.. i force myself to be strong.. nothing to be blame, except for myself.

i hope my condition will not become worst anymore... i hope i can have good and nice sleep, my body feel very weak rite now..

again, i feel terrible when thinking bout the previous post. im too angry bout it n writing it without thinking first..anyway, sorry again... this is my expression, im not the type of person who attacks straight away infront of the person... so, im expressing it through my blog... i have the rights to voice it out, but i dont have the guts to do it... i just like to keep it..on my heart n my blog....

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