Tuesday, May 4, 2010

changes in me

people keep saying im changing.. i really dont know whats in me right now, it seems like ive lost me. i really wanna change step by step, but ppl seems to hated it n keep asking me why??? i dont know, when will they understand me. when will they realize the truth, explaining to them is just a waste. they pretend to b smarter. theres no point to argue with them, it will mess up the relationship. i just go away from them from a while, to make them think. but they seem to think much more worst. what happen to ppl nowadays, nvr really used their brains to think wisely n speak wisdomly. oh.. now i know why i go there, because in there, i really used my brain, n i learn the life. if i keep staying here, i think i will b so stupid. its me who determine for my future, mind your own bussiness, dont try to make me feel so unconfident bout my decision, dont try to make me feel guilty ppl. hey you there, plz, i beg u, try to google n do research, try to ask the expertise out there, dont simply make your own conclusion lah. u just making fun of yourself. im sorry to say this lah. but its the truth. im not acting like the intelligence or speaking arrogantly, but we have much more experience n knowledge bout it dude. just stop asking me if u urself didnt want to accept the facts bout the answer. u just wasting my time. i think i better talk to the villagers bout it. bcause the villagers i think are more willing to learn than to argue bcause they know who they are. they're not the kind of 'bodoh sombong'. huh. i think im too much already, but i cant stand keeping these dirty things in my mind. its just burden me too much. i love yuou guys, but plzzz lahh... u guys dont know the meaning of real relationship* n the real meaning of life!! i dont know if u guys feel so jealousy to me n my friends, theres no point to feel that way.. face me n speak out the truth, im willing to share some opinions in a right way. sorry if i hurt u but, this is all i can do. i'll always pray to all my friends out there,n i just want u guys to know, i love u so much, i'll never hating. ok! gud luck~

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