Thursday, April 8, 2010

where is she?

im looking for her. i keep searching for her every single minute, but i cant found her. she have been lost since a month ago. yes, a month.. should i report to the police, it is more than 24 hrs. she didnt showed herself up. im worried. is she running away? is she sulking or something? but i know something for sure, she need a shoulder to cry on. but she couldnt. because shes afraid to do so. she feel so alone, she needs someone, but she couldnt find 'the one'. she felt very lonely. i know that. she tries to go away, but people never understand her. thats why she is running away. she only got herself in her life. her imaginary friends. she thinks that everybody need a little time to b away, n thats what she is doing. i can feel that she is crying rite now. but she still smiling in front of the people.pity her. i can see hes trying to cheer herself n people around her. but deep inside her, i can see the pain. shes faking herself up. pity her. a month.. she still not coming back.. when u want to come back? she said, she still need space n time..silence is the best medicine 4 now

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