Friday, April 9, 2010

best day ever =)

today is the day. a new day. he he. this evening, im going to pusat zakat sabah to apply for sponsorship. going with my mum..huh..finally ive got the form, but im gonna send it straightly to kk. the, i go to buy presents for my buddies. then, i have my avocado juice. nice evening i had. he he. at nite, im going to my buddies brthday party.. cool beb. i met all my former schoolmate..all my old best fren. my long-lost fren. so glad to meet them.. ive talked non-stop like happy.. laughing n chatting about many stuff... thats the best moment ever. snapping picture. eating...i will remember that best moment.. although not all of us there, but we still have some fun... thats the first gathering after 2 years were not meeting officially.. hehe... i will miss still wondering when we can gather like this again. maybe a few years from now, bcause many of us r busy arranging our own future..hehe.. thx guys..will owez luv u all =).. then, while im watching tv, my 'new' buddy texting me..haha...miss him oso... miss him teasing me... gud luck there beb! hehe..n again im smiling.... so many of my buddy im keeping touch to 4 today.

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