Thursday, April 8, 2010

HE knows

we plan but HE is the one who decide. we want it badly but HE knows the best. every single thing in this world happen for some reason wether bad or good. although pros n cons have been known but still theres a consequences will occur. sometimes, we r givin up bcause we lose hope, faith n trust to ourself. sometimes we act out of control because of it. think back..refresh urself. press on f5 button. start a new life. think of something best for u n people around u. try to accept the truth. HE knows the best. humans best successes comes after dissapoinments. life goes up n down. life goes left n right. no such thing as the road goes straight. there must be challenges goin through it. i fail for six times already... im waiting for the next failure, for me to go up again... i hurt for 6 times, i just dont wanna be hurt for the next time. because its really hurt.. people will never felt it, because im bearing it alone. i just shutting up my mouth bcause i dont wanna hurt others..let me feel the pain alone... so mind of my bussiness.. im hoping for the best but for now ive got the worst. but i believe n i do trust the existence, power of HIM. as long as i do obey HIM. i know, one day, i will get the very best part of my life. im still waiting. the most successful person will face many challenges n tests b4 become very successful. n i do believe on that. HE tested me. n soon i'll get the best reward ever. =)

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