Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sometimes i need to b alone just to get rid of every prblms, including the tiny miny one. sometimes i need to hide myself just to get off from the people i love.... i dun have any bad intention towards them, i just really need to give myself space to breath, think n to examine my life~ past n yet future. being appreciated, honoured, getting a great complimentary, getting well-known by people~thats what we always want to. but after we got it, we will regret it, bcause we realised how fake the life was. people come n acknowledge u for ur appearance. not for what u are. think wisely, do like to wear mask or just revealed the real u? of course u will choose 'the real u' but what about ppl around u? do they accept u? some of them, yes! n a great thanx to them... for not supporting us to be hypocrisy, for accepting us the way we are. but how about others? some of them r running away from, do forget them! but remember dont ever hate them...but, trying to pray 4 them... this is what i learn... i never hate people lately... bcause i dont have the rights to... im starting to realizing the circumstances by hating people.. so, i decide to leave my old world which full of hates. but, i have this problem~forgetting peoples fault... i do forgive them but i seldom to forget. its just so hard for me. then, when i start to shut myself from a few persons, they thought i was trying to hate them, but, honestly im not.. im just trying to being apart so that i could try to forget... misunderstands always takes it place... i really wanna be part of them, but people never understand. its a shame for me if im keep chasing them just to b fren n treating me as a fren... theres other type of fren i just wanna share with u... they love us to b cool n up-2-date. is that categorized as hypocrisy oso? i think yes! so, sumtimes we just need to b alone to motivates ourself, to think bout the way we live with others, to let us flashback what we have been through with the people around us... is it us or our shadows?lets think....

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