Wednesday, March 31, 2010


today, as usual, im so lazy to wake up frm the bed... actlly i wake up early, but i dont want to go, i just continue sleeping... he he... suddenly my sleep was disturbed by a big, repeated horn!!!! aiissssyyyy... i know thats gonna b my abah... i go downstairs in hurry n pretend that i've waked up early...he he... anis get back home early today, because she is having sports day... she doesnt need to stay longer at that school, as she involve nothing in sports.... ok, i guess, i cant continue my beauty sleep anymore... today my abah will go umrah n that means i have to do all the works b4 his departure... as he didnt yet pack ol his things up, so i have to help him... he was busy lately... he just finished a 'project' at work... ok... lets just pray 4 his journey n safety... he will b there 4 2 weeks tym... so in this 2 weeks, only me, ibu n anis at SUNYI ooo...cant wait 4 him to get back bcoz my sis, lil bro n bro in-law will go back to sndkn oso with my, with a new lappy mayb..he he... =)

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