Tuesday, March 30, 2010


im just missing our time holding hands together. sharing everything, laugthers, cries, all.... we always talk something unuseful, something nonsense, something unreliable. that makes us special, that makes us grow, that makes us laugh 4 something that isnt funny at all or in other word stupid jokes. short meeting makes us closer.spending our tym almost everyday. one word from our mouth extends into longer topic. we shared many things bout life. we care for each other in health or sick, in poor or rich, in hard or easy. that makes us special again. never feel bored when talking. but, the last day of ours makes us sad. makes us feel too much bored, makes us feel apart. makes us shut our mouth n only speaks few words. not like before...='(
p/s: in the mood of missing my friends, because of being to lonely here... im trying to get myself busy, so i can forget about it....;)

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