Monday, March 29, 2010


with thinking i learn many things. with thinking i oso become mature. with thinking i learn the life. with thinking i can understand others. daydreaming is what ppl say to me, but they dont know, deep inside of me, i keep thinking about evrything around me..ppl can say im a bz body, but the willing of knowing something deeply or i can say my level of curiousity is too high..i think it has reached the max level..hehe.. thinking can make me feel in various way..happy, sad, symphaty... i even laugh, i even cry n i even talk alone. u can say im mad, crazy or insane but as long as i know, thats the best way 4 me to become more educated... by thinking n finally finding deeply into it. sometimes, i can get stress bcoz of it...i can get really annoy with it... bcause of my curiousity i can get even worse... sometimes, i cannot cntrol myself from thinking... trust me, by thinking u will appreciate the life more bcoz u've known too much of the truth, bcoz u starts to realizing... n bcos of thinking, u may differentiate between good n bad... u may recognise the hipocrisy, fake, lies.... so, lets start to think bout it...=)

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