Wednesday, August 20, 2014


the severity of a circumstance always been the outcome on how a person could handle it. which most of the time is severe enough because of being too carried away or blinded by emotional feelings perhaps? keep telling to oneself, about "getting up, be conscious, wake up, slap yourself or see the world" wont make any changes. so how we're gonna fix this and make things back to where it belong. the answer is none. we dont have ways to fix things, instead we have ways to improve and literally solve it. what? figure it out yourself. everyone has the answer, but coward enough to act. for the uncertain justice waiting ahead? nope. for what the consequences will appear. they afraid of usually two possible inevitable consequences. either yes or no. if yes, a happy ending it will be. if no, whether you choose to run in the dark or walk in the brightest part. think :)

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