Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the best sem break

i am so lazy to upload many photos, so i have picked the best one. this shows serenity, joy, beauty. all subjects in one. thats why ive chosen it at the first place.

gonna tell or showing off what i have did for the end of my 3rd year. so, here goes list of places that ive went for like 2 months holiday.

  1. sungai dusun, kuala kubu bharu, selangor for wildlife practical (i met so many wildlife. amazing!)
  2. sungkai perak, for one day trtip to rescue centre also during my wildlife practical (lovin the tiger)
  3. taiping, perak for 2 days 1 night trip (historical city, vintage everywhere)
  4. sungai siput, perak for ruminant practical (i miss the kid, staffs, everyone)
  5. ipoh, perak for practical also (priceless experience)
  6. penang for 2 days 1 night trip (weekend getaway during practical)
  7. sandakan, sabah as it is my hometown.. im going back for raya actually (family, love of my life)
  8. jakarta, indonesia for ivsa congress (11 days full with activities)
  9. bogor, indonesia 
  10. jogjakarta, indonesia
so, basically this is the only sem break that ive been to a lot of places, and also visiting to many amazing interesting places. so i am a bit like "wow, its awesome man". altho, generally ive been to around that area only but, every little corner in a country, really counts cause it keeps 1001 stories behind. plus, being there with coolest people resides 1001 memories. 

also, this holiday taught me many things about life. lessons, experience, people...everything.

alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this blessings. i wont forget this lifetime experience with all the people i love.

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