Friday, June 22, 2012

thats how my first yr goes :)

finished my first year in like a blink of eyes. i really cant believe it. theres so much i have go through in this 2 semesters. pain, happiness, surprises, all mixed up. i also cant believe that im taking this veterinary course. i never had any of this vet-related things in my mind before. alhamdullilah, everything went well. i did learnt so many things that i havent thought of them before. met so many ppl. nice coursemates, housemates, lecturers... i just love em all. they made me cry, happy, everything. i did learnt new things bout life. how life really is. how we should live life in a right way. makes my heart more calm than ever. i joined many activities. ive wasted money on many things. i just... i dont know how can i express what my life had been throughout my first yr as a vet student. i had an awesome 20th celebration. teased my friends everyday. but one thing for sure, i still dont know how to shut my mouth. yes. i started to watch korean thingy. yeah, its a bit awkward first, but yeah, to get into life is to learn new thing. went for singapore for the first sem, indonesia for the second sem. both during study week. had a new niece. learnt how to play softball. my dream sports. but still, not that pro yet. got alex, my beloved arc s. for the next second yr, it'll be much more challenging. the subject will be more tough. there's more work waiting and yeah, that work alrdy been assigned. its just abt time. vetcamp, vetsport, vet orientation, dogathon, bla bla bla. yup, second yr will really teach u more abt how to correctly handle the tension around you. first yr taught me how to control my emotion n feelings as a grown up. hating someone, loving someone, had a crush on someone, all. to sum up, i did enjoy my first year here. insya-Allah i'll try very hard to improve everything on the second year. these are pictures picked randomly that really worth thousands words.

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