Wednesday, April 11, 2012

music heals your soul

ive been a music addict since high school. i cant study without listening to music. during the early days, i like to watch tv while studying. but, living in the boarding school all you have just a music u created by your own or music of gossips that u heard from the surroundings. so during that time, i have no money to buy mp3, so, me and my friends decided to buy FM radio. it cost about RM6 and the battery is about RM1. its very economic la. so we listen to traxx FM or muzik FM every night. sometimes i even hide and brought them to class. during add maths pun boleh dgr FM radio. gila gangsta la kan. during my asasi, i listen to music from my phone. after that, ive got sony mp3 from my sis. birthday present. which i named it as goldie. so, ive been putting many songs inside. more to western music la for sure. been listening to it night and day. i cant b separated with my earphone. its always there. on my ear. to class, before sleep. everytime. more tragically, its in the highest volume. ppl got fed up everytime calling me, because there's no way i can hear them. during my degree. this habit seems to go away. but it still there until few months ago when i decided to stop and change the way i live. deleted all the songs, its like pulling yourself out from the heaven. ok, so metaphoric. no la its like, you know, when u delete smthg from ur life, smthg that u really like. the feeling im feeling. it hurts. but, why do i need to feel hurt when ive decided to make something good out of my life. its empty and i fill it with something that i call a real music. nasyid dan yg sewaktu dengannya. the music that really heals my soul, cleanse my heart. tp of course, i didnt change drastically like trus dgr lagu2 nasyid ni kan. i still listen to western songs until now, i still want latest updates bout new songs. ssh mau hilang habit lama. but i try to reduce it. there is nothing wrong klu kita minat music, entertainment but it really matters on how we control it. slalunya org post dkat facebook lagu2 nasyid islamic, then, the first thought ppl have in mind is, "baiknya org ni dgr lagu2 mcm ni" "bagusnya dia ni dgr lagu nasyid" tp have u ever really thought adkh dgn mndgr lagu2 islamik keimanan dan kebaikan seorg dpt diukur. i think its a big NO. lpas tu klu yg dgr lagu2 western ni semua, kurang baiknya? fitrah manusia sukakan hiburan, harta, keindahan. selagi kecenderungan fitrah itu tidak melalaikan kita drp mengingati Allah dan tanggungjawab, tiada dosa bg manusia cintakan fitrah yg dianugerahkan Allah. hiburan yg melalaikan mcm lirik yg x senonoh, dan membawa kemaksiatan harus dielakkan. as long as the music never bring you out of the track. its fine. tp yeah, globalization, westernization. the world's getting complicated now. ssh mau dpt lagu yg betul2 bagus and 'pure'. in other words, lagu yg btul2 clean dr bnda2 yg x senonoh. its hard to find nowadays. tp if u really want, u can listen to maher zain, irfan makki, mesut kurtis n more. i think their music is simple but have a really deep meaning. but zikir and quran recitation is the best music after all.

p/s : i still remember when im willing to starve just to collect money and buy cassettes. VE and Ruffedge.

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