Tuesday, April 10, 2012

life is fair enough. be grateful

sometimes we pray we could have something far more better than others. everyone's wishing for that. sometimes we want something far more better than everything else. we never been grateful for what we have. we ask for more, and more and more. my physio lecturer said to always remember this quote "before u complaining about the brand of your shoes, look your neighbour who doesnt have feet at all" [err, i think smthg like that la]. allah jadikan kita sebaik-baik manusia. be grateful for what we have. bila kita kaya x semestinya kaya budi bahasa. bila kita miskin, x semestinya miskin budi bahasa. org slalu ckp mcm tu. and along our life, we will think back at the words, and we'll know, how true it is kan. comparing my life with others, im grateful for what i have now. im grateful to be born in this family. at least, ive been taught abt manners and life. i know how to respect others. ppl have 2 sides. sometimes we only look one side of him. we never try to look the other side of him. we may be look bad side of him, but we never notice the good side of him. or otherwise. ppl always misjudge. im always wishing for something yg kdg2 impossible to achieve. dream high. but, its never wrong because shoot for the moon because at the end u'll landed among the stars. hey, u still get the stars. because maybe if u just try to shoot for the sky maybe u'll landed among the land. sometimes i wanna b like her, or her, or maybe her. but, i'd never look what quality i have within myself. i never try to discover, i always go for an easy way. asking but never really work on it. im reading a book now. and its still in progress. its been 3 days and its not a thick one. =.= so, this book is not that bestseller, but i think its one of my book yg i think worth to buy. the cover is not that attractive. and thats why ppl said dont judge a book by its cover. even my sis said, "eiii, buku apa ni?" [in a jijik tone, which i hated so much]. the inside is awesome. pack with information until u cant miss single words of it. ok, so he [the writer] did mention smthg abt prayer. sounds like this.

seorang hamba menghadapi ujian yang merunsingkan. lalu dia berdoa kepada Allah. Allah akan memakbulkan doa hamba-Nya dlm 3 cara. pertama, ketenangan jiwa. si pemohon doa tidak meminta perkara itu, tetapi ketenangan jiwa diberikan utk mengubati rasa gelisah dan runsing terhadap masalah yg dihadapi. kedua, Allah akan memberi si pemohon doa ilham jln2 usaha atau jln keluar bagi menghadapi masalah tersebut. ketiga, kejayaan hasil usaha yg dilakukan oleh si pemohon doa. 

see, how fair life is. 

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